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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CT Timeline Banner Set, Tag And Snags For Waggish Sparkles PTU Kit HotNSteamy

This HOT and amazing kit contains 114 elements and 20 papers, It combines elegant elements with more dark and punky elements, Just a perfect combination for all your steampunk tags, I love different and dark kits, I LOVE steampunk so this kit was so much fun and perfect for me, And if you feel the same head on over to SATC to get yours now: CLICK HERE  And while your there you can also purchase the tubes i have used, Matches perfect with this kit, The tubes are by The Hunter, Steampunk babe 1 & 2 And here is the link for those: CLICK HERE
Below is the preview of this kit and my creations PLUS the snags as well 

Timeline Banner Set


Here Are The Snags I Have Made
Please Leave Some Love When Snagging
Thank You 

ENJOY!!! Happy Tagging


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