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Friday, January 16, 2015


 CT tags for KP Designs, I have chosen to use Stacia, She is a beautiful fun loving girl with numerous possibilities for your designs, You can use the poser tubes in your work (PU)
CU You can use the tubes in your scrapkits for PU to sell
You can use them for stationary, clusters, frames (merged to background, other tubes) ONLY family friendly themes, The kits i have chosen to use her in is, Amy Marie's Red Butterfly And also Angelaz Creationz  Chocolate Strawberry Delight, Stacia comes in 3gorgeous poses ans she is waiting for you to find her a home in your designs, At KP Designs you will always find what you need for your designs, Here are the stores she sells at:
  1. raining digitals CU-shop :CLICK HERE
2. raining digitals PU-shop :CLICK HERE

3. lowbudgetscrapping shop : CLICK HERE

4. BerryApplicious :CLICK HERE

5. Inspirations of scrapfriends : CLICK HERE

Here is a preview of the beautiful Stacia and my tags:

Tags #1

Tag #2

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Thank You!!!


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