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Monday, April 27, 2015

CT Tags For KP Designs Using The Poser Rei

This poser that i have choose to use is the pink version of Rei, Which pink is my favorite color, Rei comes in 3 gorgeous poses, She could be used in a summer tag as i have done or valentine's, The possibilities are endless with this beauty, I suggest you hop on over to the stores Karen sells at and take advantage of her amazing posers, The stores she sells at are:

  1. raining digitals CU-shop :  CLICK HERE
2. raining digitals PU-shop :CLICK HERE

3. lowbudgetscrapping shop :CLICK HERE

4. renderartworld shop : CLICK HERE

5. Inspirations of scrapfriends :CLICK HERE

Below is a preview of this gorgeous beauty plus my tags that i have made

Tag #1

Tag #2

Thank You!!!


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